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How to join

Through the JOIN menu, after you have reviewed and consented to our policies, personal information protection policies and complete the necessary forms,
you can register as a member and immediately use our services.

You do not have to enter each field when you register. (you will need to enter them when you purchase the product).

How to order

LiveCare purchase process is as follows:

1. Review products
2. Put it in cart
3. Log in with your member ID and order
4. Fill out purchase form and click on pay
5. Within 2-3 business days, we will confirm final price (we will send you an URL for payment)
6. In the payment section, choose Paypal or wire transfer


It ships in 7 days and arrives in 15-30 days. This shipment schedule depends on the country.

You can receive the product in 1 month after shipping within 15 days.


  • Shipping Method : Parcel Service
  • Shipping Area : A Region.
  • Shipping Rate : Fixed Shipping Rate : Regardless of your order amount, $1,000will be charged for shipping.
  • Delivery Time : 5 - 21 days
  • Shipment cost may vary depending on the country.

    We will provide you with the shipment cost fees information.
    Once we confirm receipt of payment, we will ship the products However, depending on the product, shipment may be delayed.

Returns & Exchanges

Refund and return address

uLikeKorea CS team
1202~1206, bldg. D, H-business park
26, Beobwon-ro 9-gil
Songpa-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (05836)  

Products eligible for refund or replacement

  • Must be requested within 7 days from the receipt of the product and if the product is damaged or value has decreased, refund/replacement will not be possible.  

If products are not eligible for refund or replacement

  • If the customer caused the damage to the product. Damage to the packaging to check the product is allowed.
  • If the product packaging is opened or damaged and the product value is decreased
  • If the product value is decreased due to the customer's usage
  • If the product cannot be resold due to time lapse  (Please contact our client service center via 1:1 email consultation)


If you wish to request for a refund, please submit your request and prepay the shipment.
Upon receipt, we will check the returned items and refund the purchase price and the shipment fees If you paid via Paypal, we will cancel the Paypal confirmation.



Points accumulated through purchase of the product will convert into usable points and may be used after 20 days from the shipment confirmation date.

For the first 20 days, it will remain as a unused points. Unused points are points accumulated through non-purchase of the product. The points will be immediately usable (total points: used and unused points) once product purchase is made.


The minimum usable points (minimum points that can be used for purchase) is XXXXX. The maximum points that can be used for product purchase (maximum single point usage) is XXXXX.

Point Expiration

If an order is cancelled or refund is processed, the points expire and cannot be used. If you cancel your membership, the points will automatically expire.
If you do not use your points 3 years from the date of the minimum points accumulated and also do not accumulate new points, the points will expire.