We are a Data Platform Provider who realize the livestock health care service
and animal welfare through AI data analysis

  • LiveCare Platform Description


    Bio data select and analysis of livestock through the capsule administrating

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  • Transparency and high-trust traceability management

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    Livestock Data Platform

    Livestock Big Data AI analysis and treatment

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  • - Pioneer of livestock data platform market leading
    - Available to utilize various platform data using existed infra
    - Expand to all type of livestock race such as Pet
    - AI & Data analysis advancement
    - Market-Friendly Service

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    Platform business expansion based on data

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  • We are responsible for livestock's health care

    Over 10,000 years, Livestocks have been our closest friend.
    uLikeKorea started from a motivation to provide livestock healthcare and welfare.

    We belive that If livestock is healthy, people are healthy.
    uLikekorea will realize trustworth livestock welfare and provide the best livestock healthcare service.

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  • We provide indispensable data to both producers and consumers
    through biometric data and Artificial Intelligence(AI) expertises.

    Livestock's varying biometric data has immense value
    in global biotech market, livestock market, food tracking, and vaccine development etc.

    Please meet with the optimized service which considers the breeding and the farm enviornment of each country!

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  • Depending on the situation,
    even if the only esturs or calving date are closed, there are no any visible signals.

    LiveCare analyzes a Livestock's biometric variances and eating
    to inform the farm users of the predictive time of estrus and calving.

    Experiment the optimized farm more productively with LiveCare capsule!

  • Benefits implemented by LiveCare

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  • How wonderful would it be if we could quickly find the diseased animal?

    LiveCare team has various disease data, such as the experience of rapidly detecting mastitis
    and treating it early to increase the milk yield, and we have also prevented
    the spread of infectious diseases by early detection of foot-and-mouth disease.

  • You can experience data-driven farm management and improved profitability
    through the whole life cycle healthcare.

    As we believe that "When livestock is healthy, we are healthy",
    LiveCare solves the discomfort of unspeakable livestock.