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Title Early detection of mastitis through systematic temperature monitoring

Today we’d like to discuss about mastitis, one of the most common diseases in cows which requires faster response.

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You can recognize the following symptoms when your cows are hurt, or they are very sick.

- Shortness of breath
- Reduction in mobility, due to feeling unwell
- Signs of discomfort in walking
- Lack of appetite

What is common among these symptoms?
When cows display definitive symptoms, it is a sure sign that they are suffering from some type of illness.
This means you can diagnose a disease and take appropriate actions on time.

Every symptom of the diseases is unique for each cow, but mastitis case is different from other symptoms.
Mastitis is a disease in which bacteria or fungi invade the cow's breast and cause inflammation.
Cows can get infected by mastitis very easily and the recurrence rate is high even after the treatments.
Also, it is highly contagious between cows hence it is very important to detect and diagnose the disease as early as possible.

As noted earlier, it’s important to detect the disease as early as possible,
but sometimes cows display no obvious clinical symptoms of the illness and no visible cues for farmers to identify.

The most frequently seen symptom of the disease is small clots in the milk.
However, in this case, you can only diagnose the disease after milking, meaning it has a high risk of missing the appropriate treatment time.

The other symptom of the mastitis can be an increase in the body temperature due to the inflammation.

It is virtually impossible to measure and manage the body temperature of all cattle every hour of every day and quickly detect changes in body temperature.

But with LiveCare, continuous temperature monitoring is possible!

LiveCare capsule, administered in the rumen can provide temperature monitoring on the hourly basis and you can see it through below graphs.
LiveCare continues the temperature measurement, and automatically sends an alarm when it detects temperature anomaly.

LiveCare enables early detection and treatment of mastitis for the affected cows;
in other words, early management of this disease allow farmers to minimize loss of milking and even more importantly, needless suffering of the cow.

A real case how LiveCare service helped the farmer

Here’s a case from a farm in Gangwon-do where the farmer was able to identify the cow with mastitis though LiveCare capsule.

This cow has had mastitis in the past. The farmer checked the temperature increase and did a separate milking just in case.
Farmer found that milk composition was not satisfactory.
Hence, he decided to quarantine the affected cow to prevent the spread of the disease and then treated the cow with antibiotics.

This is a body temperature graph which shows significantly higher than usual when cow has a case of mastitis.

Many of our farmers mentioned that it is not easy to confirm the diseases without prominent signs of symptoms even though they have enough knowledge and experience.
In this case, LiveCare service has consistently assisted the farmers to enhance their decision making process. 

LiveCare continues to play an important role to the farmers by providing real time health monitoring and accurate alarms. 

Fresh milk comes from healthy cows! LiveCare is for our animal’s welfare to prevent the variety of diseases including mastitis!

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